Sanquar Check Washcloth

Happy 2013, y’all! Here’s to a year of knitting adventure!

I have a few patterns that I’m hoping to offer. Here’s the first one! It’s for the Sanquar Check washcloth that is shown behind my Zebra Chevron washcloth. I get asked about it quite a bit, and the stitch pattern itself is a great one. It’s a mosaic or slipped-stitch version of the Scottish Sanquar Check pattern, which is a stranded pattern (and according to Barbara Walker, the checks are much larger). Traditionally, it’s solid light colored squares alternated with dark colored squares that have light colored accents. This mosaic version makes a wonderful fabric, flat and shapely with nice density. Try it with this cloth and see!

Materials needed: 2 colors of cotton worsted (Color A and Color B)
Needles to match your yarn (for worsted, 7s or 8s)
For my version, I used Sugar n’ Cream in Psychedelic (A) and White (B), on size 8 needles. It took roughly half a ball of each color.
Place markers and row counters optional

Pattern has 8 st repeats plus 5 sts.

Sanquar Check Cloth

Sanquar Check Cloth

Using cable CO, cast on 45 sts. Commence pattern:

Row 1 (Right Side): with A, knit
Row 2: with A, knit
Row 3: with B, (sl 1 wyib, k1) 2x, sl 1 wyib, k3; repeat, End (sl 1 wyib, k1) 2x, sl 1 wyib
Row 4: with B, (sl 1 wyif, k1) 2x, sl 1 wyib, p3; repeat, End (sl 1 wyif, k1) 2x, sl 1 wyif
Row 5: with A, k5, sl 3 wyib; repeat, End k5
Row 6: with A, k5, sl 3 wyif; repeat, End k5
Rows 7 & 8: with B, repeat Rows 3 & 4
Rows 9 & 10: with A, repeat Rows 1 & 2
Row 11: with B, sl 1 wyib, *k3, (sl 1 wyib, k1) 2x, sl 1 wyib; repeat *, End k3, sl 1 wyib
Row 12: with B, sl 1 wyif, *p3, (sl 1 wyif, k1) 2x, sl 1 wyif; repeat *, End p3, sl 1 wyif
Row 13: with A, k1, *sl 3 wyib, k5; repeat *, End sl 3 wyib, k1
Row 14: with A, k1, *sl 3 wyif, k5; repeat *, End sl 3 wyif, k1
Rows 15 & 16: with B, repeat Rows 11 & 12

Repeat Rows 1 through 16 three times more.
Then do Rows 1 through 10. Knit 1 more row, and BO on the back.

That’s it! Once you get going, you can read your knitting and see the pattern. I love this mosaic pattern, have fun with it beyond making washcloths!

I hope to add some more knitting patterns this year, like for this shawl:

Arch & Leaf Shawl

Arch & Leaf Shawl

I just have to figure out how to make it a manageable chart. I drew the entire thing out when I made it, but that doesn’t seem practical to offer to other knitters!


2 thoughts on “Sanquar Check Washcloth

  1. I really love your Arch and Leaf Shawl.. Let me know if you would like someone to Test Knit it for you. I have been Testing for years and would love to give your shawl a try. I have been taking shawl design classes and hope to be creating myself, one day. So, if you would like, I would love to help, if possible.

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